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03/06/2008 10:58 AM


Pam and Alex Kondé got married back in October of 1999, but I'm still hosting their wedding webpage for them on AOL (why is that, guys?)  They also have two beautiful children and a new digital camera, but they haven't posted pictures of any of them on the web yet (hint, hint...)

Jeff Porten is the most wired guy I know.  He gets a new e-mail every three minutes.  His homepage tells you what he's thinking about (and where he is).  He's also written a (non-electronic) book.

Tina Schwager & Michele Schuerger not only wrote a book, but then went & wrote another book.  Then, when they were done with that, they wrote a third book, which they didn't even tell us about!  They also have two beautiful baby girls, who's pictures haven't made it to the web yet (except, of course, on this website).

Mike Starr is fully capable of creating a web page, but hasn't done so yet.  He and his wife, Hilary have a brand new baby boy and an even newer digital camera, but still, no web page.

Esther Vardi doesn't have a web page, but if you want to say "Hi,"  send her an e-mail.

Steve and Courtney Walsh had a web page a really cool Java applet,  but I think that went the way of their AOL account.

Steve and Michelle Cooper wanted me to add them to this page.  Steve's an acting CIO of a big insurance company and also, according to him, a slacker, which is why he doesn't have a webpage.  They do have a couple of great kids that would make for some excellent content when they get around to it, though...

Many of the Third-Agers in our family don't have web pages, but their children have ushered them into the electronic age with e-mail addresses.  Say hello to: Toby & Stan Greenberg, Susan & Ralph Straus, Mark Pershes & Cecile Ganjoin, Marlene & Walter Kastell, Pearl & Jerry Schwager, Joanie Hofmann, and Gail & Paul Pershes.

Insulted that you're not on this list?  Click here and we'll add you right away!